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Extrusion is a fundamental primary shaping process used in plastics processing. Commonly extruded materials include thermoplastics and elastomers in powder, granulate and rod form.   

In a modified form, the extrusion process is also used for joining thermoplastics, e.g. by extrusion welding.


Extrusion is a fundamental shaping process widely used for polymers and elastomers. It is a compression process in which material is forced to flow through a die orifice to provide long, continuous product of any cross-section and theoretically unlimited length.   


The function of the extruder is to draw in and compress the polymer feedstock, plastify it by thermal energy input, homogenize it and force it to flow through a die opening.


EXTRUDER: Munsch presents two hand extruder series designed either for external air supply or equipped with a brushless on-board hot air blower manufactured inhouse. The new motors have been specifically developed for extrusion welders. Besides featuring new motors with reduced running noise, the hand extruders come in a new look with optimized design features: a slimmer construction, preheat nozzles centred in the longitudinal axis and reduced weight. With these improvements, the extruders are now also fit for use in tight and difficult to access places. The welding extruders, likewise presented at the K 2010 trade show, are equipped with a control unit to prevent cold start. After the filler material and the welding rod thickness have been entered into the controller program, the controller adjusts the optimum temperature. An interlock ensures that the drive can only be started when the preset startup temperature has been reached.  


Munsch Kunststoff-Schweißtechnik GmbH owes its existence to an idea of Diplom-Ingenieur Erich Munsch who invented the hand extruder for thermoplastic welding in 1973. In response to the unparalleled success of this business segment, Munsch Kunstoff-Schweißtechnik GmbH was established in 1991 by way of a spin-off of the hand extruder activities from its current sister company Munsch Chemie-Pumpen GmbH. Since its establishment, the company has sold more than 25,000 hand extruders worldwide and is thus the global market leader. Last year, the roughly 100 employees of the MUNSCH group generated a turnover of some EUR 15 million.


While the hand extruders were initially powered by commercially available drill drives, 2001 brought a major change. The company developed its own drives tailored to the exacting demands in thermoplastic welding applications. The drives are available as brush-type or brushless models. All hand extruders are equipped with a brushless hot air blower or use an external air source for preheat air supply.  


The brushless machines are powered via a power box equipped with frequency inverter and EMC filter. They are ideally suited for shop welding and offer a number of benefits such as long service life, uniform extrudate output even under varying load, 20 to 30 % higher extrudate output compared to brush-type drives and fewer wear parts.


Depending on the version, Munsch hand extruders come with an inhouse-developed electronic control unit which adjusts the optimum temperature after pre-selection of the welding material and the welding rod thickness. For this purpose, the different materials are stored in the controller program. The preset / actual air and extrudate temperatures are permanently displayed on the control unit.

The machines are provided with dual cold start interlocks. A timer and a temperature sensor will only release the motor for starting when the material is completely molten.


The welding extruders are available in a broad capacity range reflecting the needs of plastic welding practice. The hourly output depends on the machine type and ranges from 60 grams to 6.5 kg per hour. Apart from a wide variety of standard welding shoes for different weld geometries, the company also offers custom-made welding shoe designs. In addition, Munsch hand extruders come with a range of accessories such as transport case, angle heads, extruder extensions, welding rod dispenser, weld trimmer or a stand for depositing the machine.  


In 2004, Munsch completely revamped its production lines, launching at the same time a new generation of hand extruders.


Munsch welding extruders are used in both container engineering and landfill construction applications. The new machine presented at the K 2010 trade show was therefore only a logical further development. The Wedge IT Multi is a self-travelling welding machine for geosynthetic landfill liners. The inhouse-developed machine  features an extremely flat wedge and is designed for single-hand operation. It can weld all thermoplastic sheeting with thicknesses from 0.5 to 3.0 mm at infinitely variable welding speeds of 0 to 4.3 m/min. The heating wedge allows the welding of a test channel for evaluation of the seam continuity.


One of the company’s strengths is its high level of vertical integration. Thus, the blower, drive and the electronics were developed in our inhouse R&D department. The latter cooperates closely with national and international welding institutes. The welding machines are exclusively assembled at Munsch’s production site in Ransbach-Baumbach comprising an area of 6000 m2 after expansion in 2004. All our processes are subject to a rigorous quality control system in accordance with ISO 9001.


Our sales activities comprising a worldwide network of distributors and agents are managed from our headquarters in Ransbach-Baumbach. Our spare parts service is available to you around the clock. Top-quality products, new product ideas and rigorous customer orientation are the formula of success, securing the company’s uncontested wordwide leadership in the field of plastic hand extruders.


With the new MAK 32 S hand extruder, Munsch Kunststoff-Schweißtechnik GmbH is proud to present an addition to its MAK family. The MAK 32 S is a simple, sturdy and attractively priced basic unit. The drive, hot air blower and the heating element are identical with those installed in the other machines of this series. The new model achieves a melt output of 3.2 kg/h.  


The MAK 32 S is equipped with a brushless hot air blower and features very good and consistently uniform temperature control. All welding parameters can be reliably maintained despite its simple configuration. Besides the standard cold start interlock, the machine is provided with a red and green LED indicating its current operating status. A welding shoe rotatable through 360 degrees greatly facilitates machine handling. With the MAK 32 S, a good and reasonably priced hand extruder is available to complement the MAK series from the Westerwald-based market leader.


The company from Ransbach-Baumbach also provides accessories for the MAK 32 S such as a landfill handle and a sturdy transport case. Thanks to the high level of vertical integration of our manufacturing operations, all the machines are manufactured without exception at the company headquarters in the Westerwald region. The drives, blowers and electronics are reliable components, likewise  developed inhouse. Together with our numerous product developments, they form the foundation for the international market leadership we are meanwhile enjoying in the field of handheld welding extruders.


Whether for assembly or mounting in place, after the initial forming process, plastic components frequently still have to be welded, adhesive-bonded, bolted, riveted or snapped to achieve the desired functionality of the overall system. Accordingly, the joining process is an important step at the end of the manufacturing chain of many plastic products. Often, the joining of the components is not addressed in the design of the moulded thermoplastic until it is too late. However, this last fabrication step in particular must be matched to the results and the conditions of the preceding sub-processes.  Problems and unnecessary costs can be avoided by taking into account the joining technology early on in the design and production planning phase. This presupposes  a sound knowledge of all steps involved in the development and production of plastic mouldings.


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